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Earn Up To $20,000 per Month, Guaranteed!

MCM (Mike Carner Marketing) sells SUPER-HOT Mailing Lists of Opportunity Seekers, Postcards, Postage Stamps, Stickers etc. and a SUPER-FAST-SELLING line of excellent merchandise! MCM ALSO PROMOTES the many Products and Services of several well-known and lesser-known companies such as: AMAZON®, WALMART®, and many, many more, which you can also earn $$$$ from! Like any business owner, in order to get sales, I MUST ADVERTISE! Unlike other businesses, my advertising is done by normal (but motivated!), everyday people, throughout the U.S.A. and its territories, who become INDEPENDENT PROMOTERS (IPs) for me in order to mail my postcards and EARN BIG BONUSES AND COMMISSIONS FOR THEMSELVES! My Beautiful, Powerful, Professional Postcards, are an essential part of my advertising and becoming and being a MCM POSTCARD MAILER is so very easy, so much fun and has such a wonderful PROFIT potential, that I even GUARANTEE that you…

                          WILL MAKE MONEY!

Also mailing my Postcards is so very simple! If you can neatly put a mailing label, a stamp and your ‘IP’ number on my postcards and drop them in the mail, YOU CAN BE A POSTCARD MAILER FOR ME! If you want to become a Postcard Mailer, it is very important to: CLOSELY FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW:

To receive my Postcard Mailer information FREE by email:

• Use the link below. In your email, BE SURE to tell me how you heard about MCM AND include an ‘IP’ number IF AT ALL POSSIBLE! (If you received a Postcard, the ‘IP’ number should be in the ‘ball’ ‘Funsy’ the Clown is sitting on! Or it should be in the ‘ad’ or on the Hand-Out Card!)

• I will REPLY to your email sending the Postcard Mailer information back to you as a 'PDF' attachment. You will need to have a recent version of ADOBE READER on your computer in order to open and read the attachment. There will be a link in my email reply that you can use to download the latest ADOBE READER, for FREE if you need it. (NOTE: All of my incoming AND outgoing email AND ‘attachments’ are scanned with powerful anti-virus software for your total protection.)

To request your FREE Postcard Mailer information by email, (REMEMBER! BE SURE to tell me how you heard about MCM AND include an ‘IP’ number IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!) email me at: (If this link does not work for you just ‘COPY & PASTE’ the email address into whatever version of email you are using.) To make sure that I do not get any ‘SPAM’ complaints, BE SURE TO EMAIL ME FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU WISH ME TO REPLY TO!

If you don't want OR can't receive the information by email, you can get it by regular postal mail.

To receive the Postcard Mailer information by 1st class mail: (There is a $5 charge.)

• Send me your Name and Address including Zip Code. (USA and territories only at this time.) Your phone number is not required.

• If you have received a MCM postcard, please include it with your inquiry. Feel free to make a copy of it if you wish but please send the original to me.

• If you did not receive a postcard, please tell me how you heard about MCM and include the 'IP' number if possible. To see my latest MCM postcard, click here.

• Include $5 P&H to cover material, labor and postage costs. Money orders or cash only. Personal checks will not be accepted.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Do not call or e-mail me with any questions about being a Postcard Mailer until after you have received and read all of the information that I send you. IF after closely reading my information you still have questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail or call my toll-free number and I'll be happy to speak with you. This policy is absolutely necessary as there is simply no way that I could possibly handle the 'tons' of extra e-mails and phone calls that would result otherwise.



• You will receive detailed information about MCM, my products, 100% GUARANTEED Postcard Mailing Opportunity and my SUPER generous pay plan. Included with this information will be an application/order form that you can use to become a POSTCARD MAILER for MCM.

• If your information is sent by 1st class mail, you’ll also receive a genuine collectible and a $5 to $50 Off Coupon. The authentic ‘out of print’ collectible is guaranteed to be at least 15 years old and some are much older! All are in excellent condition and are certain to gain in value over the coming years.

OR to receive a genuine collectible only (no 'details', order form or $5 to $50 Off Coupon included) send me a 'self-addressed-stamped-envelope'. BE SURE to tell me how you heard about MCM AND include an 'IP' number IF AT ALL POSSIBLE! and ask for a 'Free Gift!' (Only 1 request per household, please.)

Following the above instructions, write to me at:

POB 1385
Orangevale, CA 95662-1385

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